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Thread mills for High Cutting Stability



Right hand cutting solid carbide thread mills with left hand helix.

The tool enters the material at the upper point of the cutting edge, close to the shank.

The FMTZ is equipped with radial coolant holes.
The FT thread mill offers more flutes for increased productivity.

•    Smooth cutting and reduced cutting forces during process.
•    Lower tool vibrations and High Surface Finish.
•    High Productivity through significant shorter cycle time.
•    Coolant holes directed to the cutting edge (FMTZ tools type only).
•    For both right-hand and left-hand threads.
•    Optimized Carbide Grade for High Performance Cutting and Edge Stability.
•    Cylindrical shank.

Carbide Grade: MT6
Ultra-Fine Carbide Grade with high hardness and toughness provides an excellent
solution for machining steels, stainless steels, cast materials and super alloys.
The universal PVD multi-layer coating provides high heat and wear resistance.


Introducing new Swiss-Line
G4 Turning Inserts and Toolholders



A new line of 4 Cutting Edges Multi-function Turning Inserts and Toolholders for grooving, parting-off and threading applications.

•   High productivity and cost-efficient due to four cutting edges.
•   High precision and thanks to the fully ground profile.

•    Strong and stable clamping due to unique insert shape and holder pocket.
•    High repeatability.
•    Maximum versatility – a single holder for a large range of inserts.
•    Can be used with high machining parameters, and provides high surface finish.
•    Internal coolant provides the coolant liquid towards the cutting edge.

•    Coated holders provide abrasive resistance.

Fits to a large range of diameters, from very small applications with
a thin wall up to 100 mm diameter.

G4 Klemmhalter Swiss Line
G4 Wendeplatten Swiss-Line
G4 Klemmhalter Swiss Line

Introducing new Threading Inserts
Type-K Sintered Thread Turning Inserts

A new line of Sintered Thread Turning Inserts with chip breaker for
high performance in a wide range of materials.  
Type-K inserts are offered in a wide range of popular thread standards.

•    Partial profile 55° and 60°
•    ISO – metric
•    UN – Unified

•    Whitworth – 55°
•    BSPT
•    NPT

•    Effective chip control
•    Optimal edge security
•    High wear resistance
•    Inserts to be used with our standard thread turning toolholders.

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Typ-K Wendeschneidplatte
Typ-K Wendeschneidplatte
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