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Spiral Mill Thread


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Mill Thread Inserts and Kits

  • Same toolholder and insert can produce both right-hand and left-hand threads.
  • A single insert & toolholder can produce a given thread on many diameters (External & Internal).
  • Prismatic shape of insert's tail ensures exact and reliable clamping in the toolholder.
  • Most inserts are double sided, having two cutting edges.
  • Thread is produced in one tool pass.
  • MT tools can produce tapered threads.
  • Improved productivity thanks to increased cutting speeds and multitooth type carbide inserts.
  • Threading to one pitch of a shoulder in a blind hole.
  • Longer tool life thanks to a special multilayer coating process.
  • Lower tooling costs, considerably less expensive than using taps and dies.
  • Since lower machine power is required, a smaller machine can produce larger threads in a single operation with less idle time and tool changes.
  • Enables machining of asymmetrical parts.

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Spiral Mill Thread , Mill-Thread Solid-Carbide, Mini Mill-Thread, Hardcut (for machining hardened materials), threading & grooving deep holes.



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MT inserts and kits

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